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What is a media agency?

A media agency makes sure a marketing message appeals to consumers, appears in the right place, at the right time and that the advertiser pays the best possible price.


When media agencies were first launched, their main focus was on their ability to buy media space cheaper and more efficiently than the mainstream advertising agencies, which had previously managed the process of media buying. Their first clients were often direct response advertisers, marketers who had to make sure each ad paid for itself in consumer orders.

As the sector developed media agencies added planning skills and an understanding of consumer behaviour to their skillset. By understanding what motivates a target group of consumers as well as the media they watch, read or hear, media agencies became a vital source of communications advice for all types of advertisers.

In today's complex media world, the role of the media agency is central to the development of effective communications. By understanding what will motivate consumers to change their behaviour as well as the best places and times for any message to appear, media agencies are helping to maximise the effectiveness of their client's marketing messages.

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