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Thursday, 11/05/17

M&S 'Spend It Well' Campaign Launches

By Rebecca Thompson, Planner/Buyer


Last week M&S saw the launch of their new 'Spend It Well' campaign, bringing an entirely different feel to the M&S adverts everyone aspired to replicate. If you haven't seen it yet click here.

The new advert, created by their newly appointed agency Grey London, is the first time the company's food and clothing business have featured under one campaign slogan. Launching on social media and mobile to ensure they were in newsfeeds early morning, the 60 second advert then ran throughout ITV's Good Morning Britain from 6am-830am as well as a Daily Mail homepage takeover.

The "Spend it Well" tag line has been used to encompass an overall attitude to living life to the full. This message also carries the alternative meaning of thinking about where you are spending your money, something M&S have been trying to accomplish by lowering their clothing prices over the past year. With an entirely different feel to any other M&S advert this new approach includes burning candles, wearing your best coat, munching on biscuits and never settling for uncomfortable knickers as ways to have a better experience in life!

The advert features a range of ages, building on the attitude change the company has previously discussed - older generations are not the future of M&S and rather than looking at specific demographics to target, they are looking at their adverts through an "attitudinal lens" as the way forward in developing their tone of voice. The advert highlights quality experiences and things that make life special, taking the focus away from the products themselves, encouraging customers to embrace the attitude and ensuring their new philosophy is applied across the entire customer experience.

This is the first in a series of new ads for the brand, with bespoke TV for M&S foods set to go live on May 11th  which will be followed by adverts for Clothing, Home, Banking and the Sparks Card Loyalty scheme throughout 2017.

I think the inspirational aspect, something Sport England has captured in their adverts, will resonate with younger audiences but I don't think that the older M&S customer will appreciate seeing the uncomfortable knickers and comparing themselves to an aerobics instructor in a leotard. I've been a huge fan of M&S adverts with recognisable music, snappy cuts and over head shots showing off their food and clothes, making it easily identifiable as M&S. I'm interested to see how they will continue to use Spend it Well and maintain the 'M&S feel' throughout the upcoming campaigns. 

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