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Thursday, 08/06/17

Our Internet Picks Of The Week
W/C 5th June

Burger King

A couple of campaigns are trying to be feminist, with potential for disaster: Special K's campaign reminding people that women eat too has been ridiculed and Monki's attempt to make periods 'cool' seems a bit weird. Meanwhile, Burger King is launching in Belgium and making headlines with its challenge to the Belgian monarchy.

Monki will soon be selling menstrual cups in silk bags emblazoned with the words 'Periods are cool' - By the way, menstrual cups are an unusual form of sanitary care, first publicised by the brand Mooncup and generally seen as a hippy thing.

Special K is now telling women to 'own eating' after years of encouraging them to diet

Burger King rigged an online poll about who the king of Belgium is and changed its logo when the Belgian King still won by a small margin

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